Take Better Photographs

People think that with the arrival of the digital camera, it is easy to take good photographs.

What is easy, is for us to delete the bad ones. It is still tricky to take a good photograph.

The best thing you can do is relax and not be in too much of a hurry to take a photograph. Really take time to compose your shot and make sure everything looks right before you press that shutter. Even though it easy to just delete the picture with digital, it is good practice to slow down, otherwise you could end up with 50 quickly taken photos and not a decent shot among them.

There are many ways that even the average snapper, with a few pointers, can take photographs that will actually make them money.
If you are trying to sell your work to magazines or other publications, the following tips will help you with some of the techniques needed to take a photograph that will sell.

1) Always use a tripod or monopod when shooting in bad light or when usinga slow speed. If you haven’t room for either, pack a small beanbag to steady the camera.

2) To avoid camera shake, hold the camera in a comfortable position before you take the shot, squeeze the shutter gently and tuck elbows into the body to avoid camera shake.

3) Try and fill the camera frame with your subject for greater impact (unless your photois for a magazine cover in which case you need to leave room at the top for the title).

4) Look ALL AROUND the viewfinder before you press the shutter to avoid any clutter spoiling the photo or any stray branches sticking out of a subjects head!

5) When photographing kids, try to shoot them when playing and having fun for more spontaneous pictures. Don’t forget to get down to their level otherwise you will end up with shots of the top of their head.

6) When taking photographs, especially landscapes, always turn around and look BEHIND you.There has been many an instance of the best photo of a shoot lurking there.

I hope these points will help you take better photos. Have fun with your camera.

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